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Shithole and junk – Brazil and World News with Lia Timson


Shithole and junk – Brazil and World News with Lia Timson

Brazil’s President Michel Temer (headphones on the right) at dinner offered by the White House in August 2017. Photo: Beto Barata/PR (C.C by 2.0)

Brasil Central’s contributor Lia Timson spoke to Alex Spengler about Trump’s latest racist comments. Trump called some Central America and African nations “shitholes” when referring to the migration movements into the US. Lia explains that this latest rant might be connected to Trump’s lowest ever popularity rate.

“Trump built his political career in racism and intolerance (…) I can’t wait for historians to look back on this period and make sense of it all for us.” Lia Timson

Clicking on the player above, you can also listen to Lia comments about the debate around the pension reforms and the 2018 Presidential elections that pushed Brazil’s credit ratings further into “junk territory”: BB-.

Columnist Andreza Matais published a year ago that Brazil was looking forward to engaging in international trade with those countries Trump directed his angry rhetoric towards. Does Trump’s “America First” project consider Brazil a “shithole” too? The US is the number one destination of Brazilian immigrants with 1.2 million people living in that country, followed by Paraguay (500k) and Japan (300k).

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Lia Timson

Lia Timson is Deputy World Editor at The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald published by Fairfax Media.

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